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Melissa Moravec began her professional career at Carneros Creek Winery during the harvest of 1983. She initially came to Carneros Creek as a research enologist to supervise the Pinot Noir Clonal Research Project conducted in conjunction with the Department of Viticulture and Enology at U.C. Davis. In conjunction with Carneros Creek's Founder Francis Mahoney, Melissa studies the affects that clonal selection (genetic variations of Pinot Noir) could have on wine quality. Initially, Melissa believed that there would be an ideal clone that would thrive in the cool Carneros region.

The result of over 20 years of research has shown her that there are many clones that thrive in the Carneros region and some that don't fair as well in the region's clay and loam soils. No single clone offers all of the components that she was looking for in a world-class wine. With this knowledge Melissa and her husband Kurt set out to find and blend those clones that do well in the region, and whose characteristics offered the complexity, luscious fruit, spice, texture, and longevity of those wines from Burgundy that they both admired. While this is an ongoing process, Casa Carneros wines have definitely benefited from the clonal knowledge that Melissa has gathered over two decades of research.

The Casa Carneros Pinot Noir is one of the most layered and complex wines available outside of Burgundy, France. Fans of Pinot Noir owe it to themselves to taste these wines, and purchase them for future enjoyment. The Casa Carneros Pinot Noir has a proven track record for longevity and will continue to evolve into a more silky-smooth wine with years in the cellar. Melissa and Kurt's dream to produce a true California grown Burgundian-styled wine comes closer with every year of research and experience.

Melissa has been instrumental in an effort to study and quantify the potential devastation that will result if the glossy-winged sharpshooter makes its way into the Napa and Sonoma wine growing regions. The bug itself is relatively harmless, but it carries a disease named Pierce's Disease that can utterly decimate the wine industry. Unlike phylloxera, the bug that damaged many thousands of acres of vineyards throughout the world, Pierce's Disease has no cure and pulling out and replanting grapes would not be an effective alternative.


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