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The Estate vineyard was planted in 1989 by Melissa Moravec and her husband, Kurt Reaume. Seven acres were prepared and planted in the Napa Valley portion of the Carneros appellation, or wine-growing region in California. The cool climate of Carneros, due to its proximity to the San Francisco Bay, makes it ideal for the varietals, or types of grapes, traditionally found in the Burgundy region of France, pinot noir and chardonnay.

Casa Carneros Vineyard in Spring

They originally focused on pinot noir and planted various clones, or types of pinot noir grapes, in the vineyard to be able to work with, extract and define the character unique to their particular vineyard, or terroir. Among the clonal selections planted were:

St. Clair
UCD 12
UCD 18
UCD 23

Since 1997, the vineyard has been in full production.

Casa Carneros winery has been purchasing high quality grapes from the Las Lomas Vineyard on the hills that line the northern boundary of Carneros. Allowed to mature slowly in the cool Carneros climate, Merlot grapes gain structure and depth, yielding wines with forward fruit, good acidity and texture. These are truly great “food” wines with the acidity to complement a wide variety of dishes. This is the fifth vintage of our tiny production from the Las Lomas Vineyard. Melissa was instrumental in planting this vineyard and the fruits of her efforts truly show in this wine.

Las Lomas Vineyard

Grown on this hillside, the Las Lomas Merlot benefits from increased drainage, more sunlight on the ripening fruit, morning fog, and the cool Carneros climate.


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